The Store


With every piece of jewellery made and sold COALSTORE intercept a bag of coal on it's way to be burn't and symbolically re-bury it in the ground. Storing it forever and ensuring that it will never be burn't. The Store will be set in private ancestoral land allowing it serve as a monument to the anti-coal movement for hundreds of years. 

If we are to stop temperatures rising to ever more dangerous levels we must not burn the remaining coal and oil in the ground, despite the short term economic benefits. 

The more artwork and jewellery that is made, the more coal that we will store, with 1 tonne of coal saved for every £1000 spent. If the same 1000kg of coal was burnt it would produce 2400kg of carbon dioxide emissions. 

The Store is just the start of journey which we hope will allow COALSTORE to buy and decommission a coal mine and make a much larger contribution to reducing climate change.