The Story of Coal

Millions of years ago, a tropical forest covered much of our Earth. Ages passed - the great trees fell - the dense undergrowth decayed - forming a black humus hundreds of feet thick. The Earth’s crust sank, the silent waters held lordly sway where once the mighty forest stood.

Through endless years, slit and sand slowly settled on the remains of the forest. Then the waters receded and another forest grew. Many layers were formed this way. 

A terrific earthquake then contorted and folded the Earth and the tremendous pressure wrought a magic change - the black humus became Coal – trapping millions of years of forest life in solid form.

COALSTORE retells this epic story and celebrates the beauty of Coal. By wearing a COALSTORE piece you express a belief that this precious rock should be treasured not burn’t for the greater good of humanity, the creatures, the land, earth and sea.

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